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Where Beauty Meets Wellness...

What's better than feeling beautiful on the outside?

Feeling great on the inside as well!

At Amore we are passionate about health, wellness, beauty, and happiness, just like you.

However, modern living is making it more and more difficult to achieve these goals.

With the help of our certified specialists, we can help you balance your health and beauty lifestyle

and encourage good habits that will change your life!

So what are YOU looking for?...


~ Certified Cleanse

~ Contour Body Wraps

~ Essential Nutrition

Set up a consultation with our certified specialists in order to visualize your goals and get a better understanding

of the steps needed to achieve these goals. We can lead you to the path of proper cleansing,

appropriate dietary supplements, wellness programs, and other personalized solutions

that help to maximize the benefits and optimize your results! 




~ Facial Skin Care 

~ Body Skin Care

Whether its problematic acne, rosacea, dryness, or cellulite, our esthetician and certified specialists

are available to give you a personalized, one on one skin analysis and recommend the skin treatment / at home care that's best for you!


"Making Beauty Nutrition,

Health, and Happiness

Simple for Every Body"

Don't Shy Away!

The skin / body treatments, wellness programs, and at home care routines we provide are proven to work for any body!

Beneficial to both men and women of all ages, skin types, shapes, and sizes!

Please call to set up your consultation 410.414.5520


Body Wrap Consult/Skin Analysis......... 15min / complimentary

Visit our facials menu to view our skin treatment options

Contour Body Wrap.........  1hr 30min / $95

Contour Body Wrap w/ Measurements......... 2hrs/ $135

Wellness Program Consultation......... 1hr / $45


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