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Hair Removal Services

At Amore Hair Salon + Spa we use a botanical, wax-free compound that is antibacterial, antimicrobial and safe for the entire body. Unlike traditional wax, it never sticks to the skin and can be erased at any time. Clients feel there is less discomfort than with traditional wax.

Though Nufree is not a traditional wax, we still adhere to general waxing guidelines for your safety. For this reason it is noted that the following information may include the term "wax" as a short of hand for "Nufree Nudesse Hair Removal."

Receiving any hair removal service comes with potential risks. Nufree hair removal is a professional hair removal service that removes the entire hair follicle, including the root, from the skin with a wax-like compound. This leaves the hair follicle clear and therefor, vulnerable to outside germs that can get onto the skin and into pores. Following the post-treatment aftercare instructions will help reduce the risk of bacteria introduction and skin irritation as well as keep results looking better, longer.

We want to make sure our clients are educated about the hair removal process, the after-care process and potential risks. Please make sure to read the following information carefully, fill out the consent form truthfully, and adhere to the after-care guidelines as it is imperative to providing the safest, most effective treatment.

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